Jarmo Hoogendijk was an influential trumpet and flugelhorn player in the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s Dutch and international jazz scene.


Earliest work

From 1981, even before starting his education to become a professional jazz musician, Jarmo did loads of gigs with two local funk and latin bands near his hometown of Den Helder: The Husband (facebook video), with pianist/arranger Dirk Keijzer and guitarist Ronald Sai A Tjin, and Exotica Tropical, led by steel drummer/singer Henry Ronde. This way, even as a 16 year old, he was able to be financially independent by playing the trumpet.

Education and Ben van den Dungen/Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet

When trumpeter Ack van Rooyen accepted him as his student at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in 1983, already a self-supporting musician, Jarmo’s goal was to become a full-time jazz soloist, just like his teacher and other idols.

Entering the Royal Conservatory appeared to be a true steppingstone for Jarmo’s career: already in 1983 he was co-leading a group with fellow student Ben van den Dungen (saxophones), and after having received the NOS/Meervaart – Group Award in 1985, the Ben van den Dungen/Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet performed in most major jazz events in Holland and Germany, as well as jazz festivals in many other countries including Canada.

More collaborations

In addition, after Jarmo had substituted in 1984 with the group Nueva Manteca (led by Jan Hartong, one of Jarmo’s teachers), he was invited to join the group permanently. He performed with them in Europe, the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada and he appeared on the first 9 albums of the group.

1986 also appeared to be an important year: Jarmo was hired as solo trumpeter in the Dutch Jazz Orchestra, the Netherlands Concert Jazz band, and often in the radio Big Band, the Skymasters. He was also awarded the Pall Mall Export Swing Award (1986).
That same year, a long-lasting collaboration with pianist Rein de Graaff began. After joining the Rein de Graaff/Dick Vennik Sextet, Jarmo was often hired by Rein to share the horn-frontlines with legendary musicians such as Teddy Edwards, Frank Morgan and Charles McPherson and many others (see below).

Woody Shaw and Freddie Hubbard

In 1987/88 Jarmo spent a lot of time with trumpeter Woody Shaw, one of his influences, who intermittently lived in Holland in the years prior to his premature death in 1989. The two trumpeters often practiced together and frequently attended each other’s concerts. A television appearance in 1987 with trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, another longtime hero, was another highlight in Jarmo’s early career.

90’s – Bye-Ya!

In the 90’s, he joined the European Jazz Ensemble and the European Trumpet Summit, performing at European festivals. The Ben van de Dungen/Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet does two tours with drummer Cindy Blackman, drummer of guitarist-singer Lenny Kravitz.
In 1997 Jarmo takes part in pianist Louis van Dijk’s Superband, a group that performs the music of important jazz musicians in a modern interpretation. He also plays with the Amina Figarova Group and the Wolfert Brederode/Eric Ineke Quintet.

One of his last and most treasured musical undertakings is the Latin Jazz Quintet Bye-Ya! With them, makes his last recording in 2003. His last tours are with Nueva Manteca, and Rita Reys and the Beets Brothers. In 2004 Jarmo ends his very successful career.


Soon after graduating cum laude in 1989, Jarmo became a trumpet and improvisation teacher at Royal Conservatory of the Hague and Rotterdam Conservatory (currently called Codarts University of the Arts), and from 2018 on also at Conservatory of Amsterdam.


In 1995, the Dutch TV station NPS made a documentary about the lives of Ben van den Dungen and Jarmo Hoogendijk. The program (Het Uur van de Wolf – Het gegeven Ben en Jarmo) was broadcast several times over the years.

Bands and collaborations

Jarmo Hoogendijk has worked with:

  • Ben van den Dungen/Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet
  • Nueva Manteca (led by Jan Laurens Hartong)
  • Bye-Ya! The Latin Jazz Quintet
  • Cubop City Bigband (led by Lucas van Merwijk)
  • Amina Figarova Quintet and Septet
  • European Trumpet Summit (with Enrico Rava, Allan Botchinsky, Thomas Heberer)
  • European Jazz Ensemble (led by Ali Haurand)
  • Wolfert Brederode/Eric Ineke Quintet
  • Rein de Graaff trio
  • Louis van Dijk Superband
  • Rita Reijs group
  • Netherlands Concert Jazz Band (led by Henk Meutgeert)
  • Dutch Jazz Orchestra (led by Jerry van Rooyen)
  • AVRO Big Band The Skymasters (led by Tony Nolte/Herman Schoonderwalt)
  • Rein de Graaff/Dick Vennik Sextet
  • Loek Dikker’s Waterland Ensemble
  • Rob van Bavel Octet
  • Bik Bent Braam (led by Michiel Braam)
  • Eveline & the Groove Movement (with Eveline Carels)
  • Wolfgang Engstfeld/Peter Weiss Quintet
  • Masha Bijlsma band
  • Soesja Citroen
  • Jarmo Savolainen Quintet
  • Pierre Courbois Quintet
  • Trumpet Summit with Benny Bailey and Philip Harper
  • Brand New Orleans
  • Martinez Move (led by Miguel Martinez)
  • Maiden Voyage Orchestra (led by Paul Stocker)

as well as performances as a guest soloist with:

  • Metropole Orchestra (1986 TV broadcast with Freddie Hubbard (youtube); 1988 radio broadcast; 1997 radio broadcast and CD recording with Clare Fischer – Netherlands)
  • Klaus Weiss Big Band (1989 TV broadcast ZDF Jazzclub – Germany)
  • UMO Jazz Orchestra led by Markku Johansson (1988 Nordring radio broadcast – Finland)
  • Helsinki Radio Symphony Orchestra + UMO Big Band led by Markku Johansson (2000 EBU radio broadcast)

Jarmo Hoogendijk shared the bandstand with:

Jimmy Heath, J.J. Johnson, Freddie Hubbard, Teddy Edwards, Woody Shaw, Art Taylor, Buddy de Franco, Mal Waldron, Buddy Collette, Frank Morgan, Junior Cook, Charles McPherson, Cecil Payne, Leroy Vinnegar, Richard Wyands, Herb Geller, Frank Foster, Horace Tapscott, Evan Parker, Alvin Queen, Rufus Reid, Jerome Richardson, Cindy Blackman (touring twice with the Ben vanĀ  den Dungen/Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet), Ronnie Matthews, David Williams, Lewis Nash, David Liebman, Claudio Roditi, Juancito Torres, Giovanni Hidalgo, Orestes Vilato, Armando Peraza, Bobby Sanabria, Nicky Marrero, Ralph Irizarry, Luis Conte, Alfredo ‘Chocolate’ Armenteros, Edy Martinez and others.

Jarmo took part in festival trumpet-summits with:

Clark Terry, Benny Bailey, Lew Soloff, Jack Walrath, Pete & Conte Candoli, Chuck & Bob Findley, Philip Harper, John Marshall, Gerard Presencer and Dusko Goykovic.