This page contains music, videos and links to music and interviews of Jarmo Hoogendijk.

All audio is from Jarmo’s performing career (1981-2004). The video section shows examples of his music too, but also some interviews and other, more recent stuff..

A section of written articles and interviews may be added too – stay tuned.

Listen to Jarmo's finest

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1. Interaction

Jarmo Hoogendijk with European Trumpet Summit, from a live CD on Konnex Records

2. Young and Fine

Jarmo Hoogendijk with Nueva Manteca, from the album "Bluesongo"

3. Trouble Ahead

Jarmo Hoogendijk with Ben van den Dungen/Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet, from the album "Double Dutch"

4. Tu es mi Delirio

Jarmo Hoogendijk with Bye-ya!, from the album "Dos"

5. Bones

Jarmo Hoogendijk with Brand New Orleans, from the album "B.N.O."

6. Balor di Bida

Jarmo Hoogendijk with Bye Ya!, from the album "Bye-Ya! the Latin Jazz Quintet"

7. Fleurette Africaine

Jarmo Hoogendijk with Wolfert Brederode/Eric Ineke Quintet, from the album "Pictures of You"

8. On the New Ark

Jarmo Hoogendijk with Nueva Manteca, from the album "Night People"

9. Canal Street Blues

Jarmo Hoogendijk with Amina Figarova Septet, from "Live at Tros Sesjun"

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